PROCAD Builds on Two Decades of Excellence

Since 1991, PROCAD has been offering fine process piping and electrical design applications.

PROCAD offers products to fulfill most needs. For customers that have AutoCAD software, we offer the 2D DESIGNER and 3DSMART.

For customers that do not have AutoCAD, PROCAD’s newest line of software, PapriCAD, offers complete applications that come with their own CAD platform.

All of our products are built with proven technologies to provide designers with the necessary tools to work efficiently. In addition to the software, PROCAD offers continuous support, including upgrades, training and customization services. Add to that to our prompt technical support, and you have yourself a solution that will enhance your work environment and increase productivity from the very first use.

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Green Policy

PROCAD is committed to promoting environmental responsibility. Conservation steps taken to reduce the company’s environmental impact include:

  • Documentation provided entirely in electronic format, thereby drastically reducing paper usage
  • Software is downloadable to eliminate shipping of media to customers
  • PROCAD provides extensive web training to reduce travel to customer sites

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