Get Started with PROCAD

Congratulations on your decision to work with PROCAD! We want to make it as easy, efficient and quick to get up and running with PROCAD solutions.


Before You Start: Succeeding with PROCAD

Start by defining your design goals and understanding interoperability between your applications and your client’s applications (if applicable).

Evaluation Process

  • First take the opportunity to download the free trial version of the software and give it a thorough test drive
  • If you have any problems with the installation, don’t hesitate to contact our support team to get assistance
  • View the demos and tutorials, they’re free of charge
  • Contact the sales team at PROCAD should you have any questions regarding the software
  • If you want a web demo to further illustrate what our software can do for you, contact the sales team to arrange a time
  • We are here to make sure all of your questions and concerns are answered to your satisfaction

Purchase Process

  • When you are fully satisfied that PROCAD software is the right option for you, contact our sales team to get a quote
  • This quote will also provide options for training and the subscription options available to you
  • PROCAD will arrange to assist your staff to implement the software as per your requirements

On-going Support Process

  • Technical support and free upgrades are included in the Subscription Plan option has been selected by you as well as priority support
  • If not, pay as you go options are available
  • Upgrade your software at the intervals you choose, your current software will always have a legacy value
  • PROCAD always maintains and upgrades its software to make it compatible with the latest operating systems and CAD software
  • This will ensure you continuously get the maximum benefits of PROCAD software


Check out the extensive training tools on how to successfully set-up and use PROCAD.

We also provide you with a deployment guide to make set-up in your organization as easy as possible.