Upgrade to PROCAD+

If you plan to upgrade your company’s PROCAD & AutoCAD software in 2016, we would like to suggest considering the PROCAD+ (PLUS) products.

So what are the benefits, you may ask?

Here are some of the compelling reasons to consider upgrading to PROCAD PLUS products, including:

  • PROCAD PLUS come with included AutoCAD OEM software
  • This simplifies software acquisition with PROCAD’s one-stop-shopping for licensing, technical support and upgrades
  • Saves on IT services by managing a single software product instead of two
  • The PROCAD PLUS packaged bundle saves you a great deal of money
  • With PROCAD PLUS products, you will always get the latest version of AutoCAD included in the software
  • By January 31 2016, Autodesk will no longer offer perpetual AutoCAD licenses – the only option will be rental
  • Older versions of AutoCAD do not qualify for upgrading. This means there’s no legacy value left in older AutoCAD licenses
  • PROCAD PLUS can still be acquired as either perpetual or rental licenses

Still have questions? Please contact us for details on how PROCAD PLUS products can work for you.

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