Stainless Steel Specs Now Available!

Do you need Stainless Steel pipe specs for your PROCAD software?

As a continued effort to improve the functionality of PROCAD software, we now have stainless steel pipe specs available for 150/300/600 class ratings.

The newly created pipe specs work with the ORTHO/ISOMETRIC/P&ID piping software as well as the SPOOLCAD piping software.

The new specs are:

SS-A (150# class)   SS-B (300# class)   SS-C (600# class)   SS-D (900# class)

Download the new stainless steel specs, copy, save and extract the zip file.

Use the PROCAD Spec Generator to import these specs to your computer. Open the Spec Generator and from SPECS tab, choose IMPORT.


Point to the directory where you extracted the zip file. Select specs and they are ready for use.

Important Note: the new stainless steel specs are provided AS IS without any warranty of their suitability. Please review these new specs and edit them to ensure they adhere to your company or client standards.

Should you require assistance, please contact our tech support.

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