3DSMART/3DSMART+ Update History

At PROCAD, we strive to continually improve our products in order to best serve our client’s needs. The list below contains some examples of changes made to the software over the past few months, but is by no means an exhaustive list.


July 2017

  • Initial release of 3DSMART V2018
  • AutoCAD 2018 compatibility.

3DSMART V2016/3DSMART+ V2016

February 2016

  • Patch fixes the place relative issue.
  • New menu when using place relative with elbows

May 2015

  • Initial release of 3DSMART V2016 and 3DSMART+ V2016
  • AutoCAD 2016 compatibility.
    • Note: This only applies to 3DSMART V2016.