PROCAD’s Affordable Software

PROCAD offers monthly, 1-year prepaid and 3-year prepaid subscriptions to suit your project’s workload.

PROCAD+ products come with built-in AUTOCAD OEM 2020. Subscriptions for P&ID+, ORTHO+ or ELECTRIC+ start as low as $39/month based on a 3-year subscription term.

Standard PROCAD products are add-on to your existing AUTOCAD 2020 thru 2015. They start as low as $24/month based on a 3-year subscription.


Save More With 1-Year or 3-Year Prepaid Subscriptions

If you have long term steady work, you can save big by opting for these longer term subscriptions over monthly subscription. A 1-year prepaid subscription offers up to 35% savings over the cost of 12 consecutive monthly subscriptions.

To save even more, choose the 3-year prepaid subscription and get additional up to 20% savings over the cost of three consecutive 1-year subscriptions.

Give your company the competitive advantage with PROCAD subscriptions and experience a dramatic increase in design productivity.

Free Upgrade Eligibility For 1-Year and 3-Year Prepaid Subscriptions

If PROCAD releases a new version within 1 month of ordering, your company is eligible for a free upgrade during that period.

Monthly subscriptions can be upgraded free of charge at the start of each month.

Please contact PROCAD Sales for applicable software upgrade fees beyond three months from the date of your order.