PROCAD’s Affordable Software

PROCAD offers monthly, 1-year prepaid and 3-year prepaid subscriptions to suit your project workload requirements.

Prices start at less than $2 per day for many PROCAD applications. All our products are competitively priced and are affordable for any size company.

If you don’t have AutoCAD, you can order PROCAD+ products which come complete with built-in CAD platform for a complete solution and attractive savings.

Save More With 1-Year or 3-Year Subscriptions

If you have long term steady work, you can save big by opting for these longer term subscriptions over monthly subscription.

1-year subscription offers 35% savings over the cost of 12 consecutive monthly subscriptions.

To save even more, choose the 3-year subscription and get 20% savings over the cost of three consecutive 1-year subscriptions. With PROCAD, you win in every way you choose to go.

Give your company the competitive advantage with PROCAD subscriptions and experience a dramatic increase in design productivity.