Cylx Engineering & Construction Corp.

“As a piping fabricator we found SpoolCAD to be a very beneficial software to create isometric drawings for our shop.  With absolutely no experience or training with any CAD software I was able to read and watch the SpoolCAD tutorials, and learn to use the software within a day or two.  The very few questions I did have (because I had no CAD experience) were answered very promptly by their technical support.  Not only do we use the software to generate in-house isometrics, but I have provided drawings for a customer to use on a $1 million+ piping project.”

Tim Epperley

Target Industries

“SpoolCAD has provided Target with a comprehensive spec-driven fabrication spool drafting solution with complete BOM and weld listing functionality. SpoolCAD is more adaptable than other programs we have used for this and I believe this software would be a good fit for any pipe fabricator.”

Jeff Braun

Macro Industries

“SpoolCAD has proven to be a valuable productivity tool for Macro Industries. It was easy to adapt to our shop environment and its deployment was quick and smooth. With its superior AutoCAD graphics’ engine included in the software, our drawings never looked better. All that plus spec-driven design and comprehensive material reporting capabilities has made our pipe fabrication tasks more efficient. PROCAD’s technical staff have been prompt and helpful in answering our questions during software implementation. Overall, SpoolCAD has been a positive addition and has improved our company’s operation.”

Keith Black

Ascent Consulting Ltd.

On PROCAD’s 25th Anniversary:

“Congratulations PROCAD,

Celebrations are definitely in order on your 25th anniversary PROCAD!  With plenty of class and business savvy, I’ve observed Zaia Abraham’s growth of PROCAD over the years. From my days as an entry level piping designer to managing entry level piping designers, I have to commend Zaia and his great group of support staff who made it an easy decision to inspire and teach piping design in the workplace and at the technical institute using this software.

Thanks to your staff who put up with all of us frustrated and sometimes completely lost people, your patience is commendable and greatly appreciated. Kudos as well to the developers and web page designers, always excellent information and options to explore.

Not too many EPCM service companies around Alberta and Western Canada that haven’t experienced PROCAD as a great tool for small to mid-sized projects. But now with Zaia’s latest developments rolling out, I can’t wait to see what’s next.  He seem to have a pretty good handle on what the industry is asking for – because he listens and further he won’t hesitate to ask the right questions. His dedication to the support of this Industry has truly made him one of the founders of this Industry’s standards when it comes to education and transport of pertinent documentation.

Here’s a toast to PROCAD on its 25th and may you have many more fun filled years with us.”

Mary MacDonald, Drafting Manager
Ascent Consulting Ltd.

Husky Energy

“We are using PROCAD for mechanical and piping drawings because it is easy to use and technically sufficient. It was also nice that most of the companies Husky worked with were able to use PROCAD. It is a very well thought out program, with a reasonable price tag and great customer service.”

Donna Vaughan, C.E.T.
HOG Drafting Dept., Senior Draftsperson, Lead

WorleyParsons Canada Services Ltd.

Back in 1994 WorleyParsons, previously Colt Engineering, was looking for a piping-focused software to utilize in their progression into the CAD world. A number of different vendors were sampled and evaluated and by far the top contender was the locally grown firm, PROCAD.
On top of the easy intuitive operation of the program, PROCAD was very quick and helpful in the training of our designers and enhancements to the program.
WorleyParsons used 2D PROCAD as its default software when nothing was dictated by the client, especially in our Core Projects group, for many years.
PROCAD’s various 2D piping programs are very well thought out and cost-efficient proving to be a solid platform for our 2D design.

Harry Longcake
Piping Design Director, Calgary Operations

Pembina Pipeline Corporation

“I have subscribed to PROCAD software products for the last 20 years. They are by far the best software vendor I have ever dealt with. They understand the issues involved in creating piping designs and electrical drawings. They have made setting up our piping design specifications a very easy task, compared to other similar products. PROCAD has always listened to my feedback and tried to incorporate changes in future updates and releases. Their products are easy to install, easy to learn, easy to use, and it doesn’t bulge your budget. The interface is consistent from product to product, which reduces the learning curve. Being in Calgary, we have been spoiled by great personalized customer service, but I have also found PROCAD’s online support very responsive. I definitely recommend PROCAD software to anyone looking for great software and support, at a reasonable price.”

Derek Fenty, C.E.T. – Chief Draftsman

Tema Oil Refinery

“At Tema Oil Refinery (TOR), we now use PROCAD 2D DESIGNER and 3DSMART for all our major Pipelines Modification and Plant Designs…We have found the application to be user-friendly with minimal training requirements…problems associated with the preparation of Bill Of Materials (BOM) is over, as with the click of the mouse it generates everything for us…Their Technical support team has always been there to sail us through in times of difficulties. In fact they are ever ready. Thank God for PROCAD.”

Emil Fordjour Boachie, Sr Projects Technician, Tema Oil Refinery


PapriCAD 2D Testimonials

“Dear Sir/Madam,
I would firstly like to congratulate you on such great Piping Software Programme. Very professional finished product and it certainly makes my life a lot easier!”

Alan McIntosh – AMCI in Western Australia

2D DESIGNER Testimonials

“Thank-you for all the support in the past.  Your help has proven to be invaluable to the success of Jacobs Electrical group’s implementation of your product.  Much thanks to Nick Stiles, who’s help was always pleasant and quick.”

Rob Rybachuk, Jacobs Canada Inc.

“We now use PROCAD [2D DESIGNER] for all our projects in which a specific software is not requested by a client, and have found it fulfills our needs in time, simplicity of operation and presentation.”

Geoff Matters, IT Manager
Worley Limited

“having used PROCAD [2D DESIGNER] for over five years as our primary software, we have found the application to be very user friendly and now with added intelligence, extremely functional.”

Harry Longcake, Colt Engineering Corporation

“PROCAD [2D DESIGNER] has increased our Drafting Productivity by more than 40 percent.”

Derek Fenty, Chief Draftsman
Pembina Pipeline Corporation

“The ease of use and capabilities of the [PROCAD] software has allowed the students and staff to progress to a much higher level in the electrical design of commercial buildings and industrial facilities.”

Laren Giacomuzzi, Electrical Technologies Coordinator Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

3DSMART Testimonials

“In the majority of cases the program was used for all the piping aspects in the project including Model, Plans & Sections, Isometrics etc while in some the software is used for presentation only. We find the program has a very short ‘Learning Curve’ because piping people are already familiar with the PROCAD 2D DESIGNER piping programs which shares the same look. The iso generation has been smooth with very few problems as has the 2D drawing generation part of the software.

The use of the 3DSMART software has resulted in significant savings in man-hours and cost and has reduced the manpower required on a small projects.”

William Kimber, 3DPipers.com Ltd.

“As a long-time user of the very reliable and user-friendly PROCAD 2D software, Tri Ocean looked forward to the launching of 3DSMART. In need of a more realistically priced 3D package that was justifiable for small and medium-size projects, 3DSMART appeared to be the answer.

Considering our experience over the last ten years with PROCAD 2D, with its relatively low-cost, user-friendly methods and dedication toward customer satisfaction, it was soon obvious that PROCAD took the same approach with 3DSMART.

As one of the first companies to be involved with 3DSMART, following its introduction, we found start up to be relatively easy, with minimal training requirements. The few start-up difficulties experienced were immediately dealt with by PROCAD and in a very timely fashion.

The first project Tri Ocean undertook was completed on time and was extremely well received by the client, mainly due to the fact most smaller projects had never been done in 3D and this provided a much clearer understanding of the layout than 2D previously offered. For a relatively low cost, the model can be loaded on a laptop with viewing capabilities, which is a great benefit to field personnel for discussion in project reviews. As a result of this, the client has requested that 3DSMART be used on future projects.

In Tri Ocean’s opinion, PROCAD have definitely introduced another successful product that allows companies of any size to easily enter the 3D design world at a very affordable price.”

Don W. Karpow, Tri Ocean Engineering

Customer Support Testimonials

Wanted to pass on to you how well your support person Jacky helped out yesterday in getting AutoFLOW up &running.

No issues with your software just access permissions set wrong on my computer, and  Jacky patiently stepped me thru the process of correcting the problem. Thanks again.

Dwayne Pittman, Rex-Treme Designs Limited

I want to take this time and let you know about an employee of yours. Sara-Jane has assisted us with support on 2D designer 2002 and 2004. She has been wonderful to work with, both professionally and technically. She is always cheerful, very clear when giving instructions and makes sure that we fully understand thing’s. I just want to let you know what a great employee you have there.

Ricardo A. Lopez, Carter & Burgess

Thanks for your call last night and your e-mail. Your advice has now solved the installation problem and everything now appears to be installed OK.

Dave Connell, Burren Resources Petroleum Ltd.

I have installed the 24-Dec-2004 update today and am pleased to tell you that the dimensioning functionality that was lost a few releases ago is now back and working much like it did in the past. Kudos to your developers and all the staff at PROCAD for their hard work. Please pass on my sincere thanks to them for a job well done.

Jeff D. Michel, Enbridge Pipelines (Saskatchewan) Inc.

Thank you for all your patience. I must have been very frustrating, but I wanted this to work so bad.

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy.

Randy Lindsay, McAulley Enterprises

Thank you Sarah-Jane, errors solved, very professional.

Shayne Stainbrook, Northwest Territories Power Corporation

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