Succeeding with PROCAD

We want to make it as easy to get you up-and-running with PROCAD software. Selecting the proper design application software is key to successful deployment:

Evaluation Process

  • First, view the product demos – they’re free of charge
  • Explore the product page for features and specifications
  • If you need more information, let us arrange a web demo to explain software’s robust capabilities. Please contact us to arrange a date/time for the web demo. It takes about 45 minutes and we think it’s worth your time
  • If you would like to try the software, download the 15-day free trial version of the product and give it a thorough test drive. It is fully functional software
  • If you have any problems with downloading or installing the software, don’t hesitate to contact our support team to get assistance
  • Contact our sales team if you would like a quote

We are committed to ensure all questions are answered to your satisfaction before making your decision to acquire PROCAD products.

Acquisition Process

Technical Support and Upgrades

PROCAD is committed to your successful implementation of its software. Our tech staff are always available to help you should you encounter any issues with the software.

This will ensure you continuously get the maximum benefits of PROCAD software. Here are the

  • Same business day technical support response
  • New updates are issued to fix any issues or to make it compatible with the latest operating systems or CAD software
  • For customers enrolled in the Maintenance Plan, technical support and free upgrades are included. They also receive priority access to support and updates
  • Upgrade your software at the intervals you choose, your current PROCAD software has a legacy value

Setting Up PROCAD

Read the deployment guide to make software implementation as easy as possible.

View or print the software setup PDF.

Check out the extensive training tools to ensure a successful implementation of your PROCAD software.