PapriCAD 3D Update History

At PROCAD, we strive to continually improve our products in order to best serve our client’s needs. The list below contains some examples of changes made to the software over the past few months, but is by no means an exhaustive list.

PapriCAD 3D V2

December 2014

Below is the list of improvements and fixes:

  • ISOGEN removed from PapriCAD 3D installation
  • Link the old installs and updates are here.

October 2014

Below is the list of improvements and fixes:

  • Added Stub-in functionality
  • Fixed ISOGEN error
  • Minor big fixes

July 2013

Below is the list of improvements and fixes:

  • Specification Manager:
    • When adding valve tags to valves, the valve tag gets erased has been fixed
    • Added feature to add same size components with different material and manufacturer
  • Modeler:
    • Database Auditing and synchronization: when a model is edited by a customer and returned to consultant, the software automatically flags each and every change it detects vs. the consultants project database. It then displays each changed item and provides the user with the option to either discard the change or update the existing project database
    • When generating a BOM, the material field is missing it’s information has been fixed
    • added new functionality to add and remove Direction of Flow Arrows in model and ISOGEN output
    • Added new functionality to mark a component as existing so it will not appear in the BOM or ISOGEN drawing
    • Added option to input thickness of vessel heads
  • Component Designer:
    • When drawing components in the Component Designer, the preview in the Component Designer is different from the Modeler has been fixed
    • Added new functionality for user to add custom component labels for each component
  • AutoCAD Platform Support and General Improvements:
    • PapriCAD 3D comes with included AutOCAD OEM 2013
    • Enhanced upgrade installation process
    • Smaller download file size

PapriCAD 3D V1

March 2013
This patch will update PapriCAD 3D V1 for the fixes that are found in the Component Designer.

Below is the list of improvements and fixes:

  • Component Designer:
    • When placing a polygon in the Metadata, the component is shifted in the 3DModeler
  • Modeler:
    • Added function: Mark component as existing
    • Added function: Mark component as normal
    • ISOGEN will always save drawing as DWG
    • ISOGEN will default to show iso after generation

June 2012

  • Initial release of PapriCAD 3D V1