PROCAD talks with the piping design community.

Subscriptions Make Sense

Here’s some of the compelling reasons to order your subscription today:


  • Great value with an exceptional return on your investment
  • Professional grade software for less than $2 a day
  • Minimal upfront costs with monthly or yearly subscriptions
  • Save up to 60% [link – new page] when you opt for yearly subscriptions


  • Activate as many licenses as needed for your project
  • Easily ramp up or scale back active licenses without penalties


  • Start producing drawings right away
  • Advance software knowledge with our free web tutorials
  • Expand skills by requesting a free training session

Fully Supported:

  • Simplified software deployment with same business day delivery and activation
  • Prompt technical support


  • Software includes all the tools you need to get on with your project
  • If you don’t have AutoCAD®, PROCAD+ products come with built-in CAD platform

New 3DSMART Component Designer Tutorials

New 3DSMART Component Designer Tutorials are now available on our website. Learn how to create new custom components that you can use in the 3D Modeler. As always, they are free of charge! Watch them anytime, as many times as you need!

More on Subscription Licensing

PROCAD is adopting subscription licensing model starting on April 1, 2017.

There are many benefits to software subscriptions. It also requires forward IT planning to ensure your company realizes the benefits of subscription licensing.

Read Cadalyst Magazine’s Part 2 article on how to prepare for the new licensing coming down the pipeline

If you missed our blog, here’s a link to Cadalyst Magazine’s Part 1 of the article.

Your Feedback Matters

At PROCAD, we’d love to get your feedback!

We want your thoughts to find out whether our products are meeting your expectations or needs improvements. Software development is an organic process created by the confluence of our ideas and your design needs.

Your feedback is welcome. Please send your comments to help our development team make PROCAD even better.

While we’re on the feedback subject, here’s a comment from a satisfied customer: “And thank you for a great product.”


Subscription vs Perpetual Licensing

The software industry is moving to a new licensing model which eschews perpetual licensing in favor of monthly or yearly subscriptions.

In PROCAD’s effort to keep pace with these changes, as of April 1st, we’re switching our software licensing to monthly or yearly subscriptions.

The new licensing lowers your upfront software investment and boosts productivity. While the cost of software usage may seem initially higher, the cost of operating the software is going down. The lower upfront investment costs allows you to only pay for software when you have active projects. Simply cancel license seats you don’t need and reactivate when you have work.

This type of licensing also eliminates the need to spend on upgrades. You will always receive the latest version of PROCAD software when you renew your licenses monthly or yearly.