"The use of the 3DSMART software has resulted in significant savings in man-hours and cost, and has reduced the manpower required on small projects."

William Kimber
3DPipers Ltd.
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    3DSMART comes with all the applications you need to form a complete 3D piping design solution. It also includes the PROCAD P&ID software.

    3DSMART Modeler

    3D Modeler provides designers with a full set of time saving intelligent modeling tools for plant design, skid design and other specialized construction. Other notable features include:

    • Rules based connectivity When connecting components, the program will display colored cones at all the possible connection points in the model. Choose the cone at the desired connection point and 3D Modeler will auto check piping connection rules such as pipe size, line number match, pipe rating match and wall thickness match. Once the connectivity rules are satisfied, the new item is connected with precision to the existing component.
    • Automated Tools
      • Auto-Route
      • Auto-Weld automatically adds welds when fittings are joined
      • Auto-Gasket places gaskets automatically when required by fittings
      • Flange Set Auto-Complete adds all the components needed in a flange set connection
      • Valve Flange Set Auto-Complete adds gasket, bolts and flange to complete valve assembly
      • Pipe Spec Export/Import tools
      • Copy Design feature allows you to save time by re-using existing designs
      • Smart editing tools to copy, reconnect, reposition, or move piping components in the 3D model
    • 2D deliverables Easily generate 2D plans and section drawings and add dimensions and annotations. The wizard guides you step-by-step.
    • Structural steel component Model steel structures by inserting and editing steel components. Features include:
      • Standard steel shapes
      • Coping, mitering and hole drilling
      • BOM generation
      • Automated generation of plans and sections
      • Ability to stretch or break steel members and other linear components
      • Ability to delete holes and coping of existing steel members
    • Portability with DWG files Send your DWG drawing files (models) to your customers who can view and/or edit them in AUTOCAD® (they don’t need 3DSMART). Any files you receive back will be automatically audited by 3DSMART for changes against the original drawing file. If there have been any changes, 3DSMART will alert you by giving you the option to accept the changes or discard them.
  • 3DSMART Features

    AUTOCAD Technology

    3DSMART is powered by AUTOCAD®, the most popular CAD software. It generates files in DWG format for maximum portability of design data.

    3DSMART can be acquired as an add-on to your existing AUTOCAD 2020 through 2015.

    Choose 3DSMART+ (plus) if you don’t have AUTOCAD. It includes built-in latest version of AUTOCAD OEM 2020 as a complete and cost-effective design solution.

    Whether you have AUTOCAD or not, PROCAD has your design and drafting needs covered.

    Get Started

    Accelerate training, deployment and management of 3DSMART with a robust set of services and resources that meet your level of need.

    • Express installation auto-configures piping design software within minutes
    • In-product wizard guides set-up and help
    • Free assistance during installation and deployment
    • Custom training onsite and via web conference
    • On-demand tutorials

    Piping Design

    Eliminate costly errors and delays with intelligent rules-based design and effective materials management.

    • Project settings restrict usage of piping specs to those specified by the Project Manager
    • Automatic background compliance checks alert users when straying from established piping design parameters
    • Smart editing tools to copy, reconnect, re-position or move piping components in the 3D model
    • Colored cones at all possible connection points in the model guide users on what can and cannot be joined
    • Generate material templates to report BOMs for the entire project, a single or a group of 3D models or report by line number(s)
    • Create BOM files in multiple formats: drawing (DWG), web (HTML), Excel (CSV or XLSX) and text files


    Work efficiently together across global teams through a centrally accessible database.

    • Changes made by one or more people are updated and stored in the central SQL Server database and available to everyone on the project
    • Staff not involved in design can access project data by connecting to its SQL Server and create projects, specs and generate BOMs
    • Models and drawings are saved in DWG file format making them portable to facilitate free exchange between consultant and customer
    • Automatic alerts on changes made to drawings makes it easier to identify, manage and communicate design changes
    • Option to synchronize data changes or discard updates and continue to use the last version
    • Share settings, drawings and specs with the Pipe Spec and Project Data export/import tools
    • Supports both Metric and English units, mixed units with pipe sizes set in English units and drawing units in Metric, and vice-versa
    • Edit existing component data or add new components with parametric data and rules based intelligence
    • 3DSMART Benefits

      Save Time & Money

      The easy-to-use and friendly user interface requires minimal training to install, set-up and get started. Use 3DSMART with AUTOCAD® for a powerful solution.


      Quickly produce 3D models from scratch or re-use existing designs using the standard DWG file format. Automatically generate 2D plans and isometrics (using ISOGEN). Export data to other programs for costing, stress analysis, etc.

      Reduce Errors

      Everyone works from the latest, up-to-date models stored in the SQL Server™ database. The central data store also ensures against data loss by allowing you to easily regenerate models and drawings.


      3DSMART integrates project data from all of its applications using a central SQL Server database hub. Applications include: 3D Modeler, Component Designer, Project Manager, Specification Manager, BOM Settings Manager and BOM Generator.


      3DSMART is built on a scalable database-powered platform with enterprise-level horsepower that can be used for one-man outfits to large engineering firms and energy companies, small to large multidisciplinary projects and the simplest to complex.

  • 3DSMART Included Modules

    3DSMART comes with all the applications you need to form a complete 3D piping design solution.

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    Project Manager

    Manage every stage of the project with full control over project data, specs, standards and unique environment settings. Functions in a distributed network or as a standalone application.

    • Provides multiple user access levels to ensure project security and allow for account maintenance. Access levels ensure users are only allowed to perform assigned roles for editing designs, viewing, or managing files, etc.
    • Create, copy, delete or edit projects and/or piping designs
    • Set project units (Metric or English)
    • Create project line numbers
    • Control layers and color schemes by spec or line numbers
    • Allocate piping specs that can be used in the project and/or design
    • Manage project documents and data: designs, isometrics, 2D drawings and BOM settings
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    Specification Manager

    Create custom pipe specs from an extensive database that includes ANSI pipe ratings from 150 to 2500# for sizes ranging from 1/8” to 80” (or 3mm to 2000mm). Specification Manager allows you to perform the following functions:

    • Create, copy, delete or edit unlimited number of piping design specs
    • Utilize tools to copy from other specs and edit them to suit
    • Ensure drawing and model integrity by filtering components that meet a user-specified criteria
    • Work with a centralized repository for multi-user access and data maintenance
    • View component libraries
    • Included are three generic carbon steel ANSI pipe ratings for 150#, 300# and 600#
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    BOM Settings Manager

    Customize material reports to suit your exact needs. Easily create any number of report templates to extract material information to accommodate your project’s schedule, the material availability and delivery timetables.

    • Determine the components to be included in report
    • Set sorting sequence
    • Define BOM item numbering format
    • Decide on the appearance of the report by choosing font type, size, grouping headers, etc.
    • Select display units: Metric, English or mixed Metric/English units
    • Define CAD options when BOM is to be placed in a drawing
    • Ability to preview reports in case adjustments are necessary
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    BOM Generator

    Manage each project’s material reports with confidence and easily transfer material requirements to the procurement department for ordering. Accurate and timely material reporting reduces waste and ensures material is ordered in time for a successful project. Generate material reports for the entire project, a single or a group of 3D models or report by line number(s). The BOM Generator creates material reports in any of these formats:

    • Excel format (CSV or XLSX)
    • Web format (HTML)
    • External text file
    • Insert BOM into current drawing or a newly created drawing dedicated to displaying the BOM only
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    Component Designer

    Component Designer is a powerful tool that expands your design capabilities. By combining the flexibility of 3DSMART graphics and the functionality of SQL Server database, you can:

    • Edit components and libraries according to your own specific design needs
    • Add new component sizes or revise dimensional data of existing ones
    • Create complete new libraries of components with their own unique parametric data
    • Decide which design rules should apply to new components
    • Define the post processing of your data such as including it in BOMs

    Component Designer consists of four major modules covering all the steps in the component creation process:

    • Library Design to add, edit or assign components with properties, dimensions and descriptions. Once you have created the shape of your component, easily assign parametric data such as size, ratings, dimensions and BOM descriptions.
    • Design Systems to group components and assign special conditions to a set of components that share common features and characteristics. By grouping systems together, you are able to associate components with relevant processing actions within the 3DSMART environment. Also easily create your own mix-and-match libraries that contain components from piping, structural steel and others.
    • Metadata Builder to create components with specific shapes. See the component geometry evolve real-time in the display as you build it.
    • Menu Editor to easily update existing menus or create new menus when a new component or library has been created. Create tabs for each group of components, draw the icons representing the component, and then assign the component it places when that button is selected in the 3D Modeler session.

    PCF Extraction

    Select the 3D model line number(s) and the information is extracted into the industry standard PCF file format. The PCF file can be utilized in including:

    • Create automatic isometrics using other software products or services
    • Generate BOM’s from the PCF files using PROCAD’s Advantage BOM software
    • Save information in Excel format (CSV or XLSX)

  • 3DSMART System Requirements

    3DSMART has two main configurations, one for workstations and one for servers. 3DSMART and 3DSMART+ products can effectively run on workstation or network environments for servers. Workstation

    • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
    • CPU Type: Intel® Pentium® or AMD Athlon® processors
    • Memory: 2 GB of RAM minimum (8 GB of RAM recommended)
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB of hard disk space for the program
    • 1024×768 minimum screen resolution
    • Direct 3D capable workstation class graphics card with 128 MB or greater memory
    • 3DSMART  requires AUTOCAD 2020 through 2015
    • 3DSMART+ comes with included built-in AUTOCAD OEM 2020

    SQL Server Database Options: You can install 3DSMART database or 3DSMART+ database to run one of the following:

    • SQL Server Express 2012 (included with software) or
    • SQL Server 2012 or 2008 (recommended for best performance for network installations)

    Note: SQL Server network installation requires Windows Server software.

    License Server (Network Installations Only)

    • Operating System: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, 2008 or 2003

    Recommended Graphics Cards For optimal performance, it is strongly recommended that you check to see if your computer’s graphics card is on Autodesk’s list of certified and supported graphics cards. Non-supported cards may result in poor performance and possible software crashes. Check out Autodesk’s graphics card evaluator.