Here are a few answers to the most commonly asked questions about PROCAD’s software applications.

Question: I cannot create specs or standards. PROCAD’s applications comes with default specs and standards but I do not see any as well.

Answer: Make sure that the datafile path has read permissions for users that need to read access and write permissions for users that generate the specs/standards. The datafile path is defaulted to C:/ProgramData/PROCAD/[software name] and the specific location can be found in the Setup Maintenance application.

Question: We added more licenses to our server but when we run the license manager, then number of licenses stayed the same. It doesn’t seem to read the new license.

Answer: FlexNet’s lmtools is the program used to distribute the licenses. It keeps a cached copy of the license file. When you place the new license in, the program still reads the old one. You need to run the lmtools and perform the following steps: stop the server, start the server and reread the license file.

Question: If I have multiple Isometrics licenses on the server and open Isometrics twice, does that use up 2 licenses?

Answer: No. Opening up any application multiple times will use the same license. It will not check out a license for each instance of the same application. This is the same for all other PROCAD applications.

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